Special round table on Burundi Friday May 15th

As the situation in Burundi continues to escalate, the Oxford Central Africa Forum (OCAF) is organising an ’emergency’ event this Friday:

Burundi in crisis: round table discussion with researchers working on the country. 15.05, QEH Seminar Room 1, 5PM

When president Nkurunziza announced his intention to run for a third term, serious unrest exploded in the streets of Bujumbura. In the last two weeks, violent clashes with the police have cost the lives of over 22 people and triggered fears of a new civil war and destabilisation of the entire African Great Lakes region. So far, the international community has been unable to calm the situation and 50,000 Burundians have already fled the country. The round-table will examine the causes of the current situation and discuss the prospects for peace and democracy in Burundi and the region.
Dr. Patricia Daley, Geography Department (refugees, ethnicity, 1993-2005 civil war)
Dr. Andrea Purdekova, African Studies Centre (unity-building, state-society relations and the politics of memory)
Dr. Olivier Sterck, Centre for the Study of African Economies (electoral violence, demobilisation)
Rowan Popplewell, DPhil in Geography (civil society)
Sam Wilkins, DPhil in Politics (regional implications, especially Ugandan politics)
Jean-Benoît Falisse, DPhil in International Development (social policy and public services