Past Events

Term Card Trinity 2017
Wednesdays, 5-7 pm, unless indicated otherwise
Please note alternating location

26 April (Week 1)
Book Launch: Neoliberal Moral Economy: Capitalism, Socio-Cultural Change and Fraud in Uganda
Jörg Wigratz (University of Leeds)
Green Templeton College, Barclay Room

2-3 May (Week 2)
Is High Modernism Returning? A Symposium on Political Ideology and Practice
All-day event, registration required – please contact Barnaby Dye (barnaby.dye[at]

Tuesday 2 May, 6pm (Week 2)
Film Screening – “Ghana’s Electric Dreams: Waiting for Light”
Screening of parts of a documentary film directed by R. Lane Clark; co-produced by Stephan F. Miescher and France Winddance Twine. Followed by a discussion with Stephan F. Miescher as part of the symposium “Is High Modernism Returning?”
St. Antony’s College, Buttery, Hilda Besse Building

10 May (Week 3)
Book launch: Public Sector Performance and Development Cooperation in Rwanda
Stephan Klingebiel (German Development Institute/DIE, Bonn)
St. Antony’s College, Dahrendorf Room

17 May (Week 4)
Power and Landscape Construction in Walther Dobbertin’s East Africa photographs, c.1910
Chris Conte (Utah State University)
St. Antony’s College, Dahrendorf Room

OCAF gratefully acknowledges the support of the ESRC and Green Templeton College.














Hilary Term 2017

Week 1 (18 Jan): “Rocket Man”: The Life and Times of Colonel E.F.M. Nkoloso BA LLB (UNZA), Zambia circa 1920-1989.
Jan-Bart Gewald (Leiden University)
Green Templeton College, Barclay Room

Week 2 (25 Jan): The Militarization of the Eastern DR Congo
Judith Verweijen (Ghent University and Rift Valley Institute)
St. Antony’s College, Dahrendorf Room

Week 5 (15 Feb): Analysis in Support of Foreign Policy, with Reference to the Zaire Crisis 1996-8
Owen Elliot (Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
St. Antony’s College, Dahrendorf Room

Week 6 (22 Feb): The Death of the ICC? The Politics of International Justice in Central Africa
Phil Clark (SOAS, University of London)
St. Antony’s College, Dahrendorf Room

Week 7 (1 Mar): Disease, displacement, and difference in colonial Bunyoro, Uganda
Adrian Browne (Durham University)
Green Templeton College, Barclay Room

Week 8 (8 Mar): Title tbd
Hazel Gray (University of Edinburgh)
Green Templeton College, Barclay Room

OCAF gratefully acknowledges the support of the ESRC and Green Templeton College.


Michaelmas Term 2016

Oct 10th: Book Launch – Why comrades go to war: Liberation politics and the outbreak of Africa’s deadliest conflict

Dr Philip Roessler (College of William and Mary) and Dr Harry Verhoeven (Georgetown University)
Co-Convened with the African History and Politics of Seminar Series

Oct 26th: Party, patronage and coercion: The embedded mechanisms of the NRM’s 2016 re-election in Uganda
Sam Wilkins (University of Oxford)

Nov 2nd: Liberation elites in East Africa
Dr Jonathan Fisher (University of Birmingham)

Nov 9th: The Prison Officer in Idi Amin’s Uganda: Identities and institutional culture, 1971-1979.
Kate Bruce-Lockhart (University of Cambridge)

Nov 16th: Innovation hubs in Rwanda: can technology entrepreneurship build a nation? Nicolas Friederici (University of Oxford)

Nov 23th: Early warning, early action? Reflections on the evolving crisis in Burundi Claudia Meier (Global Public Policy Institute)


Trinity Term 2016

May 6 (Week 2) “The African Criminal Court”: New Prospects for Peace and Justice?
Adam Branch (Cambridge)

May 10 (Tuesday Week 3) Book Launch: Congo’s Environmental Paradox Potential in a land of plenty
Theodore Trefon (Central Africa Museum)

May 13 (TBC Week 3)  Internal migration in Congo
Christian Kamala Kagoma (Université Catholique de Bukavu)

May 17 (Tuesday Week 4) Gender politics in Rwanda
Louise Umutoni (Oxford)

May 20 (Week 4)  Informal revenue collection mechanisms among the Congolese traffic police
Kristof Titeca (Antwerp)

May 27 (Week 5)  Sexual violence, social exclusion, and the impact of support programs in the Great Lakes region
Ragnhild Nordås (Peace Research Institute, Osolo)

June 10 (Week 7) The Colonial Legacy in Central Africa
John Darwin (Oxford)


Hilary Term 2015

Jan. 22 Peace and security in the DRC: The lack of impact of the international community.
Kris Berwouts (Independent Analyst)

Jan. 29 The Political Settlement and ‘Deals Environment’ in Rwanda: Unpacking Two Decades of Economic growth.
Dr. Tom Goodfellow (Sheffield) & Dr. Pritish Behuria (LSE)

Feb. 5 Re-membering after Genocide; Trauma, Memory and Survival in post-genocide Rwanda
Julia Viebach (Oxford)

Feb 12  The Evolution of Rwandan Foreign Policy: from Genocide to Globalisation
Jonathan R. Beloff (SOAS)

Feb 19   Peacekeeping Training in Africa: the unintended consequences of foreign military assistance
Dr. Marco Jowell (Africa Research Group, Director)

Feb. 26  The Past in the Present? The Contemporary Articulation of Katangese Identity.
Ilunga Isaac Mpyana (Oxford)

Mar. 4  Les Combattants – Music and Resistance in DRC.
Dr. Katrien Pype (Birmingham & KU Leuven)

Mar 11  Rhetoric versus Reality: Missed Opportunities for ‘Repatriation’ to Rwanda and Congo?
Dr. Patrycja Stys (University of Edinburgh)


Michaelmas Term 2015

Nov. 6    The European Union and the Great Lakes Region: a Discussion with Douglas Carpenter.
Douglas Carpenter (Deputy Head of Division Central Africa and Great Lakes, European External Action Service, European Union)

Nov. 13    Burundi in Crisis: a Post-election Round-Table with Researchers and Analysts based in the UK and Europe.
Dr. Devon Curtis (Cambridge), Dr. Andrea Purdeková (Oxford), Tomas Van Acker (Ghent), Benjamin Chemouni (LSE), Astrid Jamar (Edinburgh),  Rowan Popplewell (Oxford), Jean-Benoît Falisse (Oxford), and, in videoconference, Dr. Gérard Birantamije (University of Burundi) and Louis-Marie Nindorera (former head of the NGO Global Rights in Burundi)

Nov 27    Longing and Celebration in Capoeira Angola.
Dr. Zoë Marriage (SOAS)

Nov 30 – Harris Manchester College)    Graphic novels in (Central) Africa: Mini-Exhibition and Discussion with Jean-Philippe Stassen, Author of the Award-winning Graphic Novel ‘Deogratias’ on the Rwandan Genocide.
Jean-Philippe Stassen (Independent Author), Discussant: Dominic Davies (U. of

Trinity Term 2015

28th April Contested Decolonisation and the Dilemmas of Intervention: The United Nations and Nation-making along the Congolese-Northern Rhodesian border, 1960-1964. Including Keynote address (5pm) by Sir Stephen Sedley: ‘Who killed Dag Hammarskjöld?’ Sir Stephen Sedley, Miles Larmers (Oxford), Michael Kennedy (Royal Irish Academy), and Reuben Loffman (Queen Mary). co-hosted with the African Studies Centre and the Zambia Discussion Group

15th May Burundi in crisis: round table discussion with Patricia Daley (Geography), Andrea Purdekova (African Studies Centre), Olivier Sterck (Centre for the Study of African Economies), Rowan Popplewell (Geography), Sam Wilkins (Politics) and Jean­-Benoît Falisse (QEH)

29th May FILM PREMIERE: Screening of the movie ‘We Will Win Peace’ and discussion on international strategies against ‘conflict mineral’ with the producer, Ben Radley, and Gerhard Töws and Wessel Vermeulen from the Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies (OXCARRE)

11th June Looking beneath the surface: Rwanda’s developmental path versus local farmers’ strategies.
An Ansoms (Louvain). Co-hosted with the Natural Resources in Society Seminar.


15th Oct 2010 Accusing Paul Kagame’s Rwanda of Genocide: from one set of dangerous assumptions to another?
Harry Verhoeven (St Cross, Oxford), Phil Clark (SOAS), Omar McDoom (LSE)

22nd Oct Peace-Making and International Diplomacy: the Case of the CNDP
Ben Shepherd (LSE)

29th Oct The Challenge to Sustainable Peace in Burundi
Patricia Daley (Jesus, Oxford)

4th Nov BOOK LAUNCH: Phil Clark’s “The Gacaca Courts, Post-Genocide Justice and Reconciliation in Rwanda“.
Discussants: Harry Verhoeven (St Cross, Oxford), Astrid Jamar (former consultant, Avocats Sans Frontières, Rwanda), Frank Rusagara (author of The Resilience of a Nation: A Military History of Rwanda and PhD candidate in Politics, SOAS) and Travers McLeod (Balliol, Oxford).
Chaired by Nikki Palmer (OTJR committee member and DPhil candidate in Law, Oxford)
In collaboration with Oxford Transitional Justice Research and Oxford Aegis Society.

12th Nov Slouching Towards Dictatorship? The 2010 Elections in Rwanda and Burundi
Will Jones (Balliol, Oxford). Phil Roessler (St Peter’s, Oxford)

23rd Nov Crimes Against Humanity? Angola’s Expulsion of Congolese Migrants
Alexander Betts (DPIR, Oxford). Discussant: Justin Pearce (St Antony’s, Oxford)

26th Nov FORUM: Oil Politics in Central and East Africa
John Bond (Coordinator, Caux Forum for Human Security) – Uganda; Tony Otoa (Great Lakes Public Affairs) – Uganda and DR Congo; and Ricardo Soares De Oliviera (St Peter’s, Oxford) – Angola, Congo-Brazzaville

1st Dec Displacement, Conflict Resolution and Justice
Luc Côté (International Justice Consultant)
Special Lecture organized by the Refugee Studies Centre.

21st Jan 2011 Humanitarian Action and Stabilisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Sarah Bailey (Research Officer, Humanitarian Policy Group/Overseas Development Institute)

4th Feb Governing Together: The Effects of Power Sharing During Transition in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Alex Martins (St Antony’s, Oxford)

11th Feb The Admission of Rwanda to the Commonwealth: Politics and Precedents for the Future
Frederick Cowell (Legal Affairs Officer, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, and doctoral candidate and tutor in international law, University of London)

25th Feb  The Transformation of the Angolan State: From Failure to Resilience Paula Cristina Roque (St Antony’s, Oxford)

4th Mar National Transformation: The Price to Pay for Peace and Development in Burundi
Willy Nzisabira (Director of the Burundian think-tank “catalyst”)

9th Mar Point of No Return: Mzee Kabila, the Rwandan Patriotic Front and the Internal Dynamics of Africa’s Great War
Phil Roessler (St Peter’s, Oxford) and Harry Verhoeven (St Cross, Oxford)
[Podcast available]

4th May China, Congo and Zambia: Friends in Need?
Lizzie Parsons (Global Witness) and Dan Haglund (Oxford Policy Management), chaired by Nic Cheeseman (Jesus, Oxford) and co-organized with the Oxford University China-Africa Network (OUCAN)
[Podcast available]

6th May The Eastern African Standby Force: Regionalising Peace and Security in Eastern Africa – Credible Hope or Elusive Dream?
Marco Jowell (Senior Research Analyst, UK FCO) and Emmanuel Fanta (Project Researcher, UNU-CRIS Bruges)

13th May Identities and Conflicts in the Borderlands of Angola, DRC and Zambia
A Panel Discussion with Oliver Bakewell (International Migration Institute, Oxford) and Miles Larmer (University of Sheffield)

20th May Fieldwork in Difficult Surroundings: Living and Working in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies
A Roundtable Discussion with Prof Ron Atkinson (University of South Carolina)

27th May A Psychoanalytic Perspective on the Importance of Understanding History in Policy-making: The Case of the DRC
Coline Covington (former Chair of the British Psychoanalytic Council)

15th Jun From Cup to Lip: UN Peacekeeping in the DRC and the Protection of Civilians
Emily Paddon (St Antony’s, Oxford)

17th Jun Congo Is Not An Island: Reflections on the Study of War using the Case of Ituri District, DRC
Dan Fahey (UC Berkeley)

22nd Jun Post-Election Democratic Governance Challenges for the Rebuilding of the DRC and the Reconstruction of Sub-Regional Security
Delly Sesanga (leader of ENVOL-RDC and Member of Parliament, DRC)

21st Oct Understanding the Role of Colonial and Pre-Colonial History in Explaining Development within Uganda
Elliott Green (LSE)

11th Nov The Economic Reintegration of Former Combatants in the Central African Republic
Orly Stern (LSE)

25th Nov Education is Part of the Problem: Sexual Abuse in Rwanda
Mollie Gerver (St Anne’s, Oxford)

27th Jan 2012 Borderland Governance in Sugango  (Sudan–Uganda–Congo triangle)
Wolfgang Zeller (University of Edinburgh)

10th FebAn Authoritarian Learning Curve? Uganda’s 2011 Election and Yoweri Museveni’s 25th Year in Power
Michael Wilkerson (New College, University of Oxford)

14th FebDR Congo: Beyond the 2011 Elections
Special event at SOAS (London), co-hosted with the Royal African Society.

24th Feb From DR Congo to Tel-Aviv: A Story of Congolese Refugees, Activism and Microfinance
Seminar, co-hosted with the Refugee Studies Centre, featuring Andrea Kruchik-Krell and Lauren Isaacs (Co-Founders of Microfy)

2nd Mar Is There a Rationale for Invoking the Cessation Clause for Rwandans in Africa?
Barbara Harrell-Bond (Former Director and Founder of the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford)

4th May The International Peacebuilding Paradox: Insights from Burundian Governance
Devon Curtis (Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge)

18th May ‘Villagisation’, Peace Villages and Communal Peace in Burundi
Jean-Benoît Falisse (St Antony’s College, University of Oxford)

25th May Political Conditionality and Budget Support in Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia
Rachel Hayman (Head of Research, INTRAC, Oxford)
[Podcast available]

1st Jun Comparing Copperbelts: Commonalities and Contrasts in the Histories of the Zambian Copperbelt and Haut Katanga
Miles Larmer (University of Sheffield)
[Podcast available]

7th Jun Congo-Brazzaville, Cameroon, Gabon: Oil, Investment and Françafrique in Central Africa
Günther v. Billerbeck (Deputy Head of Africa Practice, Good Governance Group, London)

26th Oct Health and Justice Responses for Women and Girls Bearing Children from Rape: The Case of Goma, Eastern Congo
Helen Liebling (University of Coventry)

8th Nov The Vaughan Memorial Lecture: The UK and Post-Genocidal Rwanda
Clare Short (Secretary of State for International Development, 1997-2003)

19th Nov BOOK LAUNCH: Rwanda Fast Forward: Social, Economic, Military, and Reconciliation Prospects (Campioni and Noack, eds. Palgrave MacMillan)
Phil Clark (SOAS), Will Jones (Balliol, University of Oxford), Harry Verhoeven (St Cross, University of Oxford), Brigadier-General Frank Rusagara (Rwandan High Commission, London, and SOAS)

23rd Nov Developmental Patrimonialism? The Case of Rwanda
David Booth (Overseas Development Institute, London) and Frederick Golooba-Mutebi (Makerere University)

30th Nov The Fall of Goma: M23 and the Politics of Eastern Congo
Patrycja Stys (Nuffield, University of Oxford), Michel Thill (Rift Valley Institute), Emily Paddon (Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford)

25th Jan 2013 Sanctions in Africa
Alex Vines, OBE  (Head, Africa Programme, Chatham House)

1st Feb Michael Sata’s Zambia: One Year On
Max Battle (G3 – Good Governance Group) and Nic Cheeseman (Jesus, University of Oxford)

8th Feb The (Sad) Case of the Stabilization Program for Eastern DR Congo
Guillaume Lacaille (Independent Researcher)

12th Feb Burundi 1993-2013: Looking Back on 20 Years of War, Peace-Building and Democracy
Special event at SOAS (London), co-hosted with the Royal African Society.
Panelists included: Filip Reyntjens (University of Antwerp), René-Claude Niyonkuru (Association pour la Paix et les Droits de l’Homme), Harry Verhoeven (Oxford), Bert Ingelaere (Antwerp), Devon Curtis (Cambridge) and Aidan Russell (Oxford)

13th Feb Violence and Political Transitions in the Great Lakes Region
Filip Reyntjens (University of Antwerp)

15th Feb “We are all Impaled on the Master Plan”: The Politics of Construction and Destruction in Kigali
Tom Goodfellow (LSE)
Rwanda’s Role in African Peace and Security: The Dual and Divisive Role of the Rwandan Defence Forces

Danielle Beswick (University of Birmingham)

22nd Feb The 2012 Elections in Angola
Paula Roque (University of Oxford), Justin Pearce (SOAS), Markus Weimer (Chatham House)

8th Mar State Survival and Resistance: The Sub‐Saharan African  Statehood and Its Challenges in Congo
Randi Solhjell (LSE and Norwegian Institute of International Affairs)

21st May When Law Meets Reality in Africa: The ICC and the Challenge of Transitional Justice in Northern Uganda
Norbert Mao (President of the Democratic Party and Council Chairman, Gulu District, Uganda)

24th May The Politics and Anti-Politics of Disease Control in Uganda & Tanzania
Tim Allen (LSE)

18th Oct The Political Dynamics of Coltan
Tom Burgis (Financial Times, Winner of the 2013 Jones-Mauthner Memorial Prize)

25th Oct The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic
Kristof Titeca (University of Antwerp)

1st Nov Negotiating with génocidaires: Can We Talk to the FDLR?
Suda Perera (University of Birmingham)

8th Nov Military Politics in Rwanda: Two Perspectives
Marco Jowell and Pritish Behuria (SOAS)

15th Nov Generals for Good? Commander/Soldier Networks in Post-Conflict Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mats Utas (Nordic Africa Institute)

22nd Nov The Shaping and Un-Shaping of Public Authority in Eastern DR Congo
Koen Vlassenroot (Ghent University)

29th Nov Losing Control? Rwanda, Uganda, and Congolese Rebel Groups in the Second Congo War
Henning Tamm (Nuffield, Oxford)

6th Dec New Wars, Old Wars or No Wars? Understanding Contemporary Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa
Michael Williams (University of London)

24th Jan 2014 The “Black,” the “Marginalized,” and the “New Sudan”: Old Ideas and New Discussions in South Sudan
Nicki Kindersley (Durham University)

6th Feb Out of Place: The Dialectics of Being and Becoming in Exceptional Spaces
Simon Turner (Aalborg University)
Joint Event with the African Studies Seminar

14th Feb The Politics of Cessation in Central Africa
Georgia Cole (Green Templeton, Oxford)

21st Feb Force and Right: Money, Violence, and Consent in Kinshasa’s Electoral Cycle
Joe Trapido (SOAS, London)

24th Feb Beyond the Horizon: Governance, Legitimacy, and Representation in the Central African Republic
Andreas Mehler (GIGA, Hamburg)
Joint Event with the African History & Politics Seminar

7th Mar Lecture to Commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide
H.E. Johan Swinnen (Belgian Ambassador to Rwanda, 1990–94)
Joint Event with the Centre for International Studies, hosted at Lady Margaret Hall

14th Mar The Calm Beneath the Storm: Armed Rwandophone Networks in Eastern DRC
Will Jones (Balliol, Oxford) & Patrycja Stys (Nuffield, Oxford)

30th Apr “Normal Politics” and Regional Intervention: Securitization and Ugandan Foreign Policy
Jonathan Fisher (University of Birmingham)

9th May Feminist Theorizing War and Genocide in the Great Lakes Region of Africa
Georgina Holmes (University of Portsmouth)

16th May Militarization, Statebuilding, and Resistance in the DRC
Marta Iñiguez de Heredia (University of Cambridge)

26th May Combatants and the State in Chad: Governing the Inter-War
Marielle Debos (University Paris West Nanterre)
Joint Event with the African History & Politics Seminar

30th May Explaining Variation of Governance Patterns Between Rwanda and Burundi: Elite Vulnerability and Institutional Choice
Benjamin Chemouni (LSE)

6th Jun Mapping Conflict Motives in the Central African Republic
Filip Hilgert (International Peace Information Service, Antwerp)

 1-2 December 2014 “Eritrea & Rwanda: Post-liberation trajectories in comparative perspective”, organized by Georgia Cole and Jason Mosle